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Infinite Campus Access for Parents

What is Infinite Campus?

Gordon County Schools encourages parents to stay informed about their students' academic progress through the parent portal to Infinite Campus, the district's student information system. 

How can I access Infinite Campus?

Don't have a Portal account? Register for one today by clicking here: New Account Registration 
If you do have an active account, click the Infinite Campus logo above!

  • Enter the last four digits of your child's social security number and date of birth.

  • Click "Submit."

  • Write down your Activation Key. It is a VERY long code consisting of letters and numbers, and you will need it for the next step.  You must carefully write it down, print it, or copy and paste it onto the next screen. Saving this activation code for the next step is essential.  

  • Click "Activate Your Parent Portal Account Now."

  • Enter your Activation Key.

  • Click Submit.

  • Create your Campus Portal Account.

  • Please note: The school system does not have access to passwords.  If you forget your username and password, please call your child's school to have your account reset. Parent Portal is a parent driven system and parents are the only ones who can manage their account. As with any username and password, choose something you will remember or write it down for future reference.

 Follow these steps for each child to which you would like account access.

Once you set up an account, you will also have an option to download the Infinite Campus Mobile Portal App on your mobile device. It is available in the Apple App Store, Google Play store and Amazon App Store.  

Schoology Access for Parents

What is Schoology?

Schoology is an online course management system that allows teachers to create and manage academic courses for their students. It provides teachers with a method of managing lessons, engaging students and sharing content. Schoology provides a secure and safe, easy-to-use, way for teachers, students, parents, and administrators to seamlessly communicate and collaborate to enhance students’ learning and success.

How can I access Schoology?

Access for Parents

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Infinite Campus: Returning User Login

Infinite Campus Logo

Infinite Campus: Create an Account

Schoology Link

Schoology Login